Hi, my name is Dimitri Zhgenti and I am the founder and the director of the Dimitri Zhgenti Piano Studio. It is a unique studio that focuses not only on learning how to play the piano but provides much needed artistic experience for each student as well. We have students who are taking their first steps in the vast world of piano music and there are those that are playing advanced repertoire on such level that I am truly inspired by them. 

Because of our monthly studio performances, kids frequently hear each other perform. This creates a friendly competitive atmosphere within the studio and those who are just beginning their musical journey are inspired to work harder to play as well as their peers. I am blessed to have such superbly talented group of students and it is a joy to work with all of them. 

In our studio I focus to teach each student not only the skills and knowledge required to play the instrument but also all the life lessons that the process of learning the piano teaches. I hope that you will find time to join us on one of our monthly performances at our studio to see these kids perform. I will be also happy to answer any questions if you are looking for piano lessons.